Friday, May 6, 2011

So how long do Vet's have to wait to really get it going

Here is a letter from the VA to me thanking me for coming to such an important event.  And, that was the last time I have heard from them and NOW while trying again to get VET's jobs they are acting like they never heard about this program.

The VA found me, I brought an amazing opportunity to help VET's and the communities that need competent community managers to have a win win and now we all WAIT.

I am tried of waiting and I am sure the Veterans are too.  Let's get this moving. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

We sent our plan to Startup America

So Friday Feb 11th we where able to pitch our idea to several officials while attending a Tech@State event at the State Department.  One of which is Aneesh Chopra, CTO, The United States of America. and upon his staff recommendation we have submitted it to the Startup America Partnership.  

Looking fowards to given updates as to how we are all coming together to give back to our veterans that risk it all for us.  

We have moved to the website

We are moving to the next state with this project and would invite you to visit

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We are pleased to announce our effort to win the future

The Community Manager Project is now being submitted to numerus people, agencies, and departments, again, which we are happy to say that we are finally getting some where. Those that we are talking to now all see the WIn Win Win Win that our programs will bring to veterans, communities, companies that hire them and over all public good.

Please bear with us as we launch this effort which today has been entirely funded by Community PaperWorks, International Community Associations and the Jacobsen Family Foundation.

We will be launching a website and all aspects of social media as funding is secured. To help please call us (202) 618-2776 anytime.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Our Community Managers will be crossed trainned in CommunityCERT

Hopefully the first notion of taking highly trained US service personal and taking them into the commuities where many of them live and having them be able to continue to serve in the role of community manager seems like a good one.
We are very excited to say that we are going to be cross training them in something that we call CommunityCERT.  

This is the original* FEMA (((((unabridged))))) Community Emergency Response Team classes with special emphasis and training with regards to  Common Interest Communities.

So if you have even seem the Gap analysis on the domestic breakdown or black-holes in EOP's Emergency Operation Plans just about every one of them point to large area of residences that are pretty much excluded from county or city plans by some stupid notion that they are private entities.  THIS IS WHERE 100 MILLON US citizen now live it's not and should never have been excluded.

We are not going to wait for the GOV to save our CIC's and we don't have too.   We are going to make sure that every Veteran that  receives the training to be a residential community manager is a hastatus for that community and the professional responders. And there is a very simple and effect way to do that  CERT.
 the blog CommunityCERT.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Welcome to the Community Manager Project.

Many years ago we knew that there was a developing shortage of trained Community Association Manager.  There is not one College, Technical our University program concentrating on Residential Community Management.

Way back in 2005 The CEO of Community Paper Works, Inc Nelson Jacobsen embarked on  what he thought was a slam dunk idea.  Let's take the Vets, that are comin home from service to thier country and engage them in the notion of becoming Community Managers. 

We still need to do this and we will not stop until a two year program is established at a US Community College and our service member can continue to serve as now in a a career as residential property manager, who will be the most trained property manager on the planet.

If they can handle a market place in Baghdad then can help your condo or hoa community and if you want to help them then help us because from where we are looking at this we need property managers and we want to see Veteran's with life long careers.

btw most of the VA loans are for homes in Common Interest Communities.